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(Windows XP/Vista/7 – 45,9 MB – High Speed CDN)

Add extra protection to your current virus-scanner:
Coranti Multi-Engine Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

  • Professionaly secure your computer with QuadShield™ protection
  • Benefit from Smoothscan™ technology
  • Will work fine with most other anti-malware products
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spyware
  • MailShield™ – Professional grade e-mail scanning
  • Easy to use
  • Risk-free 30-day trial
  • Super-fast download from our Content Delivery Network

Coranti is a next-generation anti-malware product, and using our advanced technology
we provide the best possible protection with the best possible performance.


Four scan-engines work parallel to protect your system. Using sophisticated technology,
they detect and remove virusses and spyware before they can harm your system. Coranti
is the only available virus-scanner that is able to protect you with four engines.

What would be safer to you, one bodyguard or four? With Coranti you can have four bodyguards working all at once to protect your e-mails, family pictures, videos,work documents
and all other digital assets on your computer.

No longer trust on one anti-virus vendor but unleash the power of four anti-virus and anti-spyware engines in one application combination.

Scan engines for QuadShield™ provided by

Coranti uses the technology of the following anti-malware vendors in one application:


This technology ensures that your computer will not suffer from a performance decrease.
SmoothScan™ monitors your computer usage and using our intelligent technology it will adapt
it scanning accordingly.


More and more threats are delivered trough E-mail, Coranti recognizes this and has developed
an advanced E-mail scanner. MailShield™ combined with our QuadShield™ technology ensures
that your e-mails are scanned in-depth and that potential mal-ware is detected and removed.

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